Comparison Methodology

How We Conduct Our Ratings Explained

Internal Analysis

In conducting internal product or service analysis of third- party vendors we seek objective datapoint elements which place all vendors on a level playing field from which we can quantify each product or service specifically.

What Others are Saying

In addition to reading reviews and analysis online we use a proprietary tool to crawl third-party review and comparison sites, industry forums, articles and comments found on the web.

Customer Ratings

We give past customers the opportunity to rate the products and services we compare, and each customer can only vote once.

Comparison Evaluation Methods

  • Internal Analysis—33%
  • What Others Say—33%
  • Customer Ratings—33%
  • Vendor Commissions & Referral Fees - 0%

Each methodology makes up an equal 33% of a total rating. While other comparison and review companies allow advertising and referral fees to influence their ratings, we do not. We do occasionally receive referral fees from some vendors, but these relationships have 0% affect on our ratings.