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Whether you're looking for a live phone, chat, video or email reading, finding the right psychic that meets your needs is never an easy task. Let us help by offering our honest, unbiased opinions on who to trust and who to avoid.

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Have questions about psychics and how psychic readings work?
We offer a few suggestions and explanations below.

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About Psychic Readings

What are Psychic Readings and Why Would You Get One?

Why Get a Reading?

The world we live in is chaotic, and clarity often feels unobtainable. A good psychic pulls energies from your past, present and future and works with these to give you a better understanding of what’s really going on.

Spirits are all around us. Psychic mediums can tune into the energy frequencies of spirit guides and loved ones who have passed over to the other side and translate messages for you.

What to Look For

  • Look for a Money Back Guarantee. Psychics or psychic networks confident in their psychic abilities should always offer a guarantee.
  • Look for psychics who have been certified, screened and interviewed.
  • Browse through their reviews and don't be alarmed by a few negative comments. Even the best psychics get a few bad reviews.
  • Wait for newer psychics to accumulate more reviews before trying.

Ways to Get a Psychic Reading

In Person

It's hard to beat an in person reading if you can find the right psychic in your community. In person readings enable psychics to tune into you easier.


Phone readings are the most popular method today as they are convenient as well as intimate and personal. Most psychics focus in on your voice.


If you don't love talking on the phone or through video or simply don't have the time, then a chat reading might be the perfect option for you.


Video readings are relatively new and offer as close to an in person face-to-face reading as you can get without actually being there.

Finding the Right Psychic

Finding the Right Psychic

Receiving Help From the Other Side Begins by Looking Deep Inside

Matching with the right psychic should be important to you, and it really begins with honesty and a little self-reflection. Here are some questions and suggestions you might consider when looking for an advisor to best help you:

  • Have a specific question or are you looking for general guidance? Let your psychic know what you want.
  • Is there a deeper root cause to an issue you're asking help with? If so, ask your psychic if they would like to know. Some will say yes, and some will say no.
  • Being honest with yourself and your psychic will increase your chances of having a truly revelatory reading.

Once you've determined the type of psychic you're looking for, check out a few of the better rated websites for an advisor that meets these needs. Often (but not always), the more gifted a psychic the more expensive they will be. Take advantage of special offers to read with a more expensive advisor for only $1/minute or less. Never hurts to try multiple networks either. Good luck!

Types of Readings

A Few of the More Common Types of Psychic Readings

Angel Card Readings

Connect with beings all around us but that we don't necessarily sense or perceive on a daily basis.

Astrology Readings

Astrological readings use the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies to predict the future.


Readings using a deck of cards to answer questions or gain insight about your past, present or future.

Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation can provide peace of mind by revealing root causes and paths to moving forward.

Energy Work

Using powers of intention, training and experience to channel energy to help integrate mind-body-spirit.

Lost Objects

Using many different tools and gifts such as remote viewing some psychics can help you find lost objects.

Love Readings

Love readings include romance, compatibility, marriage and fidelity and can be very personal and intense.

Love Tarot

The most common subjects of tarot readings are love, romance and relationships.


Interpret meaning from numbers in your life to uncover hidden patterns and make predictions.

Past Life Readings

Reveal where your soul has been and learn how those experiences may affect you today.

Spiritual Readings

Explore deeply embedded patterns in your personality, personal history, relationships and future possibilities.

Tarot Readings

Uncover patterns, energies and trends to help you interpret your past, present and future.